Two 15oz Jars for $30.00
Two 15oz Jars for $30.00
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About Us

We all know it takes time, patience, and confidence to make ethnic sauces from scratch. That's where Saucery comes in; Saucery is on the mission to be the next household brand across North America and UK. Whether it's having a romantic meal for two, or creating a heart warming meal for your kids after a long day, Saucery delivers well rounded flavors that excites all senses.


About me


Chef Andrew always grew up with a passion for food it taught him that the dinner table is what brought people together. With that, he further enhanced his knowledge working in a variety of restaurants before going to culinary school in Vermont. 

One beautiful California day it clicked and made Chef Andrew realize their isn't a line of ethnic sauces that are well balanced with flavors, more than one dimensional, or touch on multiple cultures that the world has to offer; and that is when Saucery became a project.

Saucery originally started in farmer's markets. Making a variety of perishable ethnic sauces until three am and selling  all over the Bay Area for about a year. Week after week, Curry Truck Style Tikka Masala was the best seller. It was clear at this time the only way to bring this to the masses was to be shelf stable.

Saucery is now in over 25 stores in San Francisco Bay Area and counting. We at Saucery still believe to this day that people come together through good food and good company. Andrew currently resides in San Francisco.